Be a More Confident Lawyer.

"Full of ideas for becoming a better lawyer." Aaron Street, CEO of Lawyerist

What can Building a Better Law Practice do for you?

By implementing sustained good practices in client development, case management, and undertaking the daily tasks of being a better lawyer, you can be more confident and effective in your law practice. Building a Better Law Practice will help you manage and communicate with clients, handle your cases more efficiently, and become confident in your practice by providing practical and readily implementable systems and suggestions.

"Small steps can lead to big change. For lawyers who want to improve their career, Jeremy's book is full of these small steps. A few minutes a day with this book will help put you on the right path to growing your career."

- Keith Lee, Founder of LawyerSmack and Associate's Mind

About the author

I am Jeremy W. Richter, and I practice civil defense litigation in Birmingham, Alabama. I discovered early in my practice that managing cases is only half the battle in the practice of law. Building and maintaining relationships with clients is equally important. I have set out to innovate ways to develop client relationships and improve methods for achieving efficient and effective results. In addition to this book, you can read more of my ideas on my law blog and in my second book, Stop Putting Out Fires.

Interviews about Building a Better Law Practice

"I've read numerous books about the practice of law, and this book is right there at the top of my list. Jeremy Richter provides countless practical insights into how to improve your law practice and supports these insights through compelling and humorous personal anecdotes."

- Curt Runger of Attorney Mentors

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