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Level Up Your Law Practice


Level Up Your Law Practice is a must read book for any lawyer, but especially lawyers who are serious about growing their law practice or even just enhancing the quality of their lives.

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Level Up Your Law Practice lays the foundation for grounding a healthy mindset in practical realities, so you can apply these principles to your practice and build a vibrant business that serves both you and your clients.

A healthy mindset gives you defensive measures to absorb criticism and manage your fears, and provides the foundation on which you can build a successful law practice. Progressive and sustainable business practices enable you to go on the offensive and build the practice you want. And having strong relationships with your clients gives you the leverage to take your practice to the next level.

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“Success begins with a success-oriented mindset. Jeremy understands and explains that successful lawyers are first and foremost confident, self-possessed, driven, and have grit and hustle.

Anyone can teach you how to take a better deposition. Some can teach you how to be a better lawyer. Jeremy teaches you to have gravitas.”

- Frank Ramos, author of The Practice and Process of Law

“In Level Up Your Practice, Jeremy Richter gives you a map that gets you from the cashflow-obsessed churn of traditional practice to the asset-driven possibilities of the future.

Using an accessible analogy, Jeremy lays out the heroic journey you’re on, the preparation you’ll need before you embark, and the rewards of victory. Through the imagery of a video game, Jeremy separates the work you do from your personal worth. He encourages you to mind not only the stock of your time but to pay attention to your more limited and vital cognitive and emotional stocks.

With your preparation done and priorities aligned, Jeremy’s wit and clarity carry you on through your biggest professional battles. So, gather your armor and tools, commit to the quest, and follow your wise guide. The big baddies are waiting.”

- Mike Whelan, Jr., CEO and author of Lawyer Forward

About the author

I am Jeremy W. Richter, and I practice civil defense litigation in Birmingham, Alabama. I discovered early in my practice that managing cases is only half the battle in the practice of law. Building and maintaining relationships with clients is equally important. I have set out to innovate ways to develop client relationships and improve methods for achieving efficient and effective results.

You can read more of my ideas on my law blog and in my other books, Stop Putting Out Fires and Building a Better Law Practice.

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